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Unlocking the Power of Resilience

Therapy services thats one of kind.

Uniquely transforming your heart, spirit, and mind. 

Mission Statement

Rise Up Resiliency Center provides quality in-person and tele-health counseling services. Our goal is to normalize the counseling experience for all people by providing a nonjudgmental therapeutic relationship that empowers individuals, couples, families, and groups to Rise Up to Resiliency. 

Meet Our Owner and Lead Therapist

Sade Garr MA LPC, PLPC

At Rise Up Resiliency Center, we believe that resilience is the key to overcoming any challenge. Our team is dedicated to helping you unlock your inner strength and develop the skills to thrive in the face of adversity. Counseling aids in your transformation by providing you with a nonjudgemental space; where someone understands you and walks along side you to help you identify past traumas and present stressors. We offer personalized counseling services tailored to your unique needs and goals. Let us help you rise up and face life's challenges with confidence.


Offers Telehealth Appointments

Accepts Online Payments

Accepts Insurance

Accepting New Clients

Our Specialties

Building Resilience

Coping with Stress and Anxiety

Overcoming Trauma

Relationship Counseling

Customized Treatment Plans

Mountain Lake

Take the first step towards a more resilient you. Book a consultation today.

Take the First Steps Towards Resilience

“Rise Up Resiliency Center helped me develop the skills I needed to overcome a difficult time in my life. I'm so grateful for their support.”

- Sarah K.

“I was skeptical about therapy at first, but the team at Rise Up Resiliency Center made me feel comfortable and supported. Their expertise and guidance helped me transform my life.”

- John M.

“I've tried therapy before, but never had an experience like this. The team at Rise Up Resiliency Center truly cares about their clients and helping them achieve their goals.”

- Emily R.

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